Friday, 19 December 2014

Remote Control for just 99c

Book pricing is always a mystery to me. It seems to be unrelated to quality or volume, influenced more by publisher policy and market demand.

Amazon recommends that the best pricing point for my e-book "Remote Control"  is $2.99. Sure enough it has been selling at that price and getting very positive feedback from my readers (although it would be VERY nice to get some reviews - but I realise people don't want to admit publicly that they read anything remotely like erotic romance or erotica).

The thing is, making optimal money is one thing, but encouraging new readers to try my book is a much more important target for me. Natalie's adventures with instant messenging and giving up control to an anonymous stranger could easily be the start of a series books, tracing how her experience develops and the sexy twists and turns involved on the way.

After a lot of thought, some encouragement by a couple of my author friends, and a little research, I've decided to drop the price for a while from $2.99 down to just 99c. I don't want to give it away free. Free books, more often than not, get downloaded and forgotten. I want people to read it, so a token payment of 99c means everyone is a LOT more likely to take some time to read it.

I'll keep the low price offer in place until Boxing Day (26th Dec) and then look at raising it back to the normal $2.99.

Don't miss out on the fun, download "Remote Control" from Amazon now!