Wednesday, 20 August 2014

#Freedom of Book Choice

I read books because I want to read them. I tend to choose books by authors I already know or other authors within the genres I enjoy. I never choose books because they are what other people will expect me to read. Nor do I avoid reading books because other people expect me not to read them. Now you've probably just read that and thought "me too!".

Seems perfectly normal and rational, but it's just not true. FAR more people would happily buy books with erotic content, racier romance novels and even fantasy novels, thrillers or scifi with nudity and sex, if they were not worried about what their friends, family and society at large would think about them.

Freedom is important. Not just something we should fight for and defend, but something we should exercise. Read what you want to read. Don't feel constrained to what your friends and relatives expect you to read. Don't feel that you shouldn't read certain books because people you know might be offended or think less of you.

E-readers like the Kindle and tablets are a wonderful tool to explore that freedom. No longer do you have to worry about your friends finding an "embarrassing" paperback in your bag or on your bookcase. There's hardly any risk to being "caught" actually reading full-on erotica. So exercise your freedom, read what YOU want to read and don't feel an obligation to fit with the expectations of society.

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