Sunday, 17 August 2014

"Remote Control" out on Amazon

Now available on Amazon!
After much pressure from my small band of readers, I have launched my erotic novel "Remote Control" onto the sea of self-publishing. It's not my first novel, far from it, but it is the first one I feel is comfortably up to the standard that readers will expect.

It's the account of how a single woman sets out to explore her fantasies, using a popular messaging program, and ends up meeting a guy who perfectly matches what she thinks she is looking for. Communicating entirely via instant messages, he takes control and leads her on an adventure through her desires and fantasies, pushing her to explore her deepest fantasies and making her realise that it is only fear holding her back from enjoying her fantasies for real.

The style of presentation makes this book even more interesting. I decided to try writing exactly as messages are presented in some of the popular instant messaging apps. Instead of the usual feeling that you are reading about something that happened to someone else, this style is more intimate, making you feel like you are almost in the conversation yourself.

Find out more and read the first few chapters on Amazon.

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