Wednesday, 27 August 2014

How much control can you exert via Instant Chat?

Most of us have used one or more of the myriad instant chat programs out there. The majority will have some point have chatted with a stranger or someone you have never met in person. You may have tried to influence their actions or encourage them to buy your product, but have you ever tried to completely control them? Or have you ever wanted a complete stranger to take control of you?

That is what 29 year old Natalie experienced, when she gave a stranger on messenger control of her.

Master: You’re getting the hang of this.
Nat: i try Sir
Master: Good girl. Let’s put that to the test.
Nat: how Sir?
Master: Simple. Take off your panties.
Nat: what? now!?
Master:  Right now.
Nat: but im in work!!!
Master: Is anyone in your office right now?
Nat: just me Sir
Master: Can anyone see you through your office door?
Nat: no Sir
Master: So, take them off. Now!
Nat: omg yes Sir
Master: Done?
Nat: around my ankles Sir
Master: Step out of them.
Nat: completely off Sir?
Master: Put them in one of your desk’s drawers.
Nat: omg . ok Sir
Master: Done?
Nat: yes Sir
Master: See, not so difficult!
Nat: please can I put them back on Sir?
Master: No. How do you feel?
Nat: scared Sir
Master: Scared someone will notice?
Nat: yes Sir

The stranger began with simple stuff, easy tasks to test her compliance and train her into giving him total control. Days of training, exploring her fantasies and pushing her beyond her perceived limits followed, resulting in her ultimately acting out a humiliating fantasy that she never believed she would experience in real life.

The account of this experience is presented in the same style as an instant chat program, putting you right there in the conversation as it happened. It's currently available on Amazon and has so far proved to be so popular that I'm working on a sequel. I wonder just how far her Master can push Natalie?

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