Sunday, 17 August 2014

Readers too shy to #review or #rate?

One thing I feel that the erotic romance genre suffers from is that our readers are often too shy to post reviews or even ratings of the books they read. They don't want to see their name appearing beside a steamy or saucy novel on Amazon or Smashwords.

Given that romance is one of the biggest markets in most of the western world and that more people read or view erotica than don't, you would expect that readers would know that they were in the majority. Erotic romance isn't deviant or perverted. When you get on a busy bus or train, the chances are most of the people you see there will enjoy some form of erotic content on a regular basis.

Everyone thinks of it as some sort of fringe interest, but it's very much the mainstream. It would be more correct to view anyone who doesn't consume erotic content in some form as the deviant. And don't forget that if someone you know sees your name on a review or rating on an erotic novel, they've obviously gone looking for that sort of thing in the first place!

Isn't it about time that the world stopped trying to make out that erotic novels are something dark, something abnormal?

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